Close To The Edge

Close to the Edge
a)the solid time of change
b)total mass retain
c)I get up I get down
d)Seasons Of Man
And You And I
a) Cord of Life
b) Eclipse
c) The Preacher The Teacher
d) Apocalypse
Siberian Khatru

Jon Anderson - vocals
Chris Squire - bass and vocals
Steve Howe - guitars and vocals
Bill Bruford - percussion
Rick Wakeman - keyboards

produced by Yes and Eddie Offord

Atlantic SD-7244 (S), released September 13, 1972. The original has a green & Orange label with an 1841 Broadway Address. Atlantic SD-19133 (S) released in 1980. 1972 was a very busy year for Yes, after busting onto the music charts with their third album (The Yes Album)they recorded & released Fragile & Close To The Edge. Anyone lucky enough to see them during this period, enjoyed a young group cranking out some very fine music. I saw them in St. Louis during the Masterworks Tour & they played a few tunes from this album (What a treat!!)

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