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The Landing

Boomer's: 707 Clamorgan Alley(621-8155)

Fat Tuesdays: 700 North Second Street(241-2008)

Laffite's: 809 North Second Street(241-3202)

Mississippi Nights: 914 North First Street(421-3853)Mississippi Nights

Trainwreck on the Landing: 720 North First Street(436-1006)

Banana Joe's: 118 Morgan(231-3200)

Dirtwater Fox: 901 North first(241-4200)

Central West End

Cafe Balaban: 405 North Euclid Avenue(361-8085)

Club Viva: 408 North Euclid Avenue(361-0322)Club Viva

Rizzo's Central: 4501 Lindell Boulevard(454-9008)

Turvey's on the Green: 255 Union Avenue(454-1667)

Nik's Wine Bar: 307 Belt Avenue(454-0403)Nik's Wine Bar


1860 Saloon: 1860 South Ninth Street(231-1860)

Great Grizzly Bear: 1027 Geyer Avenue(231-0444)

Hammerstone's: 2028 South Ninth Street(773-5565)

Johnny's: 1017 Russell Boulevard(865-0900)

Mike & Min's: 925 Geyer Avenue(421-1655)

Molly's: 816 Geyer Avenue(436-0921)

Obie's: 728 Lafayette Street(231-2401)

Soulard Ale House: 1732 South Ninth Street(436-7849)

Alias Smith & Jones: 900 Barton(772-1078)

Allen Avenue: 825 Allen(241-2971)

John D. McGurk's Irish Pub: 1200 Russell(776-8261)

Kennealy's Pub: 2330 Menard(664-5584)

Sidney Saloon: 1000 Sidney(865-4544)

Venice Cafe: 1901 Pestalozzi(772-5994)

City/Dogtown/ & West

AJ's: Fourth & Chestnut Streets/Adam's Mark/(241-7400)

Faust's: " " " Pierre's " " " Tiffany Rose " " "

Backstage Bistro: 3536 Washington Avenue(534-3663)

Broadway Oyster Bar: 736 South Broadway(621-8811)

Galaxy: 1227 Washington Avenue(231-2404) The Galaxy

Harry's: 2144 Market Street(421-6969)

Maguire's: 701 South Broadway(588-0665)

Off Broadway: 3511 Lemp Avenue(773-3363)

Paradise Alley: 5627 Manchester Boulevard(646-7278)

Side Door Club: 2005 Locust Street(231-6402)

Spruill's: 2625 Stoddard Avenue(533-8050)

Studio Cafe: 1309 Washington Avenue(?)

The Summit: 200 North Broadway(436-2770)

Twenty North: 20 North Vandeventer(289-8008)

Ashby Inn: 3206 Ashby Road(426-3939)

Brewhouse: 12525 Bennington Place(434-5511)

CJ Muggs (Clayton): 200 South Central Avenue(727-1908)

CJ Muggs (Webster Groves): 110 West Lockwood Avenue(963-1976)

Del-Mar Restaurant and Lounge: 6235 Delmar Boulevard(725-6565)

Gordon's MF's Lounge: 950 New Ballwin Road(256-1771)

Harry's West: 15415 Clayton Road(256-0221)

Hi-Point: 1001 McCausland Avenue(781-4716)

Joe Hanon's: 2430 Old Dorsett Road(291-4030)

Mike Duffy's Pub and Grill(Kirkwood); 124 West Jefferson Avenue(821-2025)

Neighbor's Place: 631 Big Bend Boulevard(394-0250)

Norma Jean's Lounge: 14560 Manchester Road(391-8214)

Novaks: 4146 Manchester Road(531-3699)

Ozzie's Restaurant and Sports Bar: 645 West Port Plaza(434-1000)

Smitty's: 14874 West Clayton Road(391-1522)

Terry & Kathy's Bar & Grill:?

Trainwreck: 314 West Port Plaza(434-7222)

Tribeca: 16 North Central Avenue(?)

BB's Jazz Blues & Soups: 700 South Broadway(436-5222)

Creepy Crawl: 412 North Tucker(621-9019)

Hyatt Regency Grand Hall: First Union Station(231-1234)

Living Room: 1014 Locust(436-9928)

Lombardo's Trattoria: 201 South 20th(621-0666)

Missouri Bar & Grill: 701 North Tucker(231-2234)

Omni Majestic Hotel: 1019 Pine(436-2355)

Panama Reds: 1909 Locust(231-0019)

St. Louis Brewery Tap Room: 2100 Locust(241-beer)

Schmiezing's: 315 South 15th(436-7855)

Syberg's: 2211 Market(231-2430)

Candicci's: 12153 Olive(878-5858)

Cafe Victorian & Steamboat Pub: 142 West Monroe(822-7308)

Country Club: 288 Lamp & Lantern Village(256-7201)

Dorsett Inn: 12068 Dorsett(692-0005)

Mike Duffy's: 124 West Jefferson(821-2025)

Graham's Grill: 612 West Woodbine(965-2003)

JoJo's Jazz Club: 449 South Kirkwood(909-7676)

Joseph's Italian Cafe: 451 South Kirkwood(909-0456)

Keys Dueling Piano Bar: 633 West Port Plaza(878-7688)

Kicks: 660 Maryville Center(878-2747)

Lucky's Pub: 1266 Old Orchard Center(227-2213)

McNulty's: 620 West Port Plaza(878-6619)

MF's: 950 New Ballwin(256-1771)

Murphy's Bleachers: Hwy 141 & Marshall(861-1551)

Neighbors Place: 631 Big Bend(394-0250)

Nino's Piano Bar: 736 West Port Plaza(878-4445)

Patrick's: 342 West Port Plaza(878-6767)

Pony Espresso: 8130 Big Bend(225-4700)

Ramon's Salsa Grill: 12653 Olive(205-0072)

Rich Andrew's Saloon: 129 Castilion Arcade Plaza(205-0072)

Seventh Inn: 100 Seven Trails(227-6686)

Stage Left Lounge: Riverport Casino Center(770-8238)

Sunset 44 Restaurant: 1189 Adams(965-6644)

Wilbur & Gil's: 1308 Clarkson-Clayton Center(391-3200)

Bobby's: 7401 Manchester(644-3995)

Cafe Danielle: 395 N. Euclid(367-2233)

Cusumano's Ristorante: 7147 Manchester(645-5599)

Failoni's: 6715 Manchester(781-5221)

Firehouse: 3221 Olive(533-5263)

Humphrey's: 3700 Laclede(535-0700)

Kearby's: 3914 Lindell(533-0101)

Malle's: 3506 Hampton(352-5566)

Tenderloin Room: 232 N. Kingshighway(361-0900)

Player's Island Casino:777 Casino Center Drive(314-209-3900)Player's Island

U. City Loop

Blueberry Hill's Duck Room/\Elvis Room: 6504 Delmar Boulevard(727-0880)Blueberry Hill

Brandt's: 6525 Delmar Boulevard(727-3663)

Cicero's: 6691 Delmar Boulevard9862-0009)

Red Sea: 6511 Delmar Boulevard(863-0099)

Riddle's: 6307 Delmar Boulevard(725-6985)

Barnes & Noble: 8871 Ladue(862-6280)

City Coffee House: 36 North Brentwood(862-2489)

Delmar Restaurant & Lounge: 6235 Delmar(725-6565)

Fox & Hounds Tavern: 6300 Clayton(647-7300)

The Gargoyle: Forsyth & Skinker(935-5917)

Hadley's: 7828 Olive(725-6244)

Stacks,the Cafe: 7700 Forsyth(721-0378)


Abyeta's South: 13134 Tesson Ferry Road(842-8004)

Caleco's South: 11466 Tesson Ferry Road(849-4443)

Casa Loma Ballroom: 3354 Iowa Street(664-8000)

Cherokee House: 1900 Cherokee Street(865-2333)

Generations: Watson Road and Lindberg Boulevard?at the VIKING/(821-6600)

George's Route 66: 7895 Watson Road(961-1119)

Helen Fitzgerald's: 3660 South Lindberg Boulevard(984-0026)

J.P.'s: 11890 Gravois Road(842-1996)

K.T.'s Smokehouse: 4574 Telegraph Road(892-7788)

Mr. T's 55 Bar & Grill: 7125 Metropolitan Boulevard/Barnhart/(464-9070)

Murphy's Bleachers: Missouri 141 & Marshall Road(861-1551)

R.T. Furr's: 4131 Union Road(845-7914)

Sam's Steakhouse: 10205 Gravois Road(849-3033)

Trackside Sports Bar: 7740 Watson Road(963-0707)

Tully's: #5 Ronnies Plaza(842-2550)

Turtles on Main Street: 1043 Main Street Imperial(464-2020)

Waldos: 1241 South Laclede Station Road(918-1096)

Way Out Club: 3159 Cherokee Street(664-7638)

Yemanja Brasil: 2900 Missouri Avenue(771-7457)

Amazon Lounge: 4944 Christy(352-7969)

Hide-Away Lounge: 5900 Arsenal(645-8822)

Jack's on Broadway: 4401 South Broadway(353-0770)

Johnny Gitto's: 6997 Chippewa(781-8111)

Mangia Cafe & Bar: 3145 South Grand(664-8585)

One Nite Stand: 2800 Ohio(776-0996)

Supers Bungalow: 5623 Leona(481-8448)

Tim's Chrome Lounge: 4736 Gravois(353-8138)

Marnatti's: 7590 Watson(961-9112)

Night Sky: 13154 Tesson Ferry(842-3863)

Raymond Slay's: 113 Kenrick Plaza(962-3366)

21 Rock: Meramec Heights Center(282-7228)

Concord Grill: 11427 Concord Village(849-5239)

Club Villa Magnolia: Highway 30(274-3699)

The Orris: 265 Merchant Street(573-883-7211) St. Genevieve


Aeroport Chalet: 11750 Missouri Bottom Road(731-3354)

Alaska Klondike Coffee Co.: 3200 North Lindberg Boulevard(830-3488)

Cadillac Jacks: 12950 St. Charles Rock Road(298-8232)

Cafferata's Italian Restaurant: Bridgeton Oaks Shopping Center(739-2344)

Chris' Pub: 1833 Dunn Road(837-5491)

Gregory's Steaks: 470 Howdershell Road(830-1020)

Jag's: 10832 Bellefontaine Road(868-8878)

K.T.'s Sports Bar and Restaurant: 1553 Sierra Vista Plaza(741-1975)

Kokomo's: 6186 Howdershell Road(731-1008)

On Broadway Bistro: 5300 North Broadway(421-0087)

Pateri's: 1750 Washington Avenue(838-6030)

Poppers Lounge: 4530 North Lindberg Boulevard(731-9311)

Streiler's Social Club: 2304 Lindberg Boulevard(830-3036)

Wild Horse Saloon: 2543 Woodson Road(423-1864)

Climmie's Western Inn: 6754 Page(727-3370)

Divinity: 5801 Janet(381-9101)

Domer's Lounge: 10471 St. Charles Rock Road(423-7311)

Gino's Lounge: 6161 Natural Bridge(382-7222)

Mimi's Subway Bar: 46 North Florissant(524-6009)


Bobby's: 6000 Old Collinsville Road(618-632-6041)

Borders in Fairview Heights: 6601 North Illinois Street(618-397-6097)

Casino Queen: East St. Louis Riverfront(618-874-5000)Casino Queen

Charlie's: 5240 Nameoki Road(618-931-7310)

Cocktails: 3034 Godfrey Road(618-466-7408)

Crystal Ballroom: Crystal Inn-Interstate 55 at exit 41(618-635-3506)

Elevator Tavern: 1595 Troy & O'Fallon Roads(618-345-6669)

Fast Eddie's: Fourth & Broadway streets(618-462-5532)Fast Eddie's

Fireman's Hall: 9510 Collinsville Road(618-345-5010)

Gallery: 2858 Illinois 159(618-659-0506)

Gino La Martina's: 6980 West Main Street(618-398-9009)

Granite City Eagles Home: 2258 Madison Avenue(?)

The Hut: 130 Behrens Avenue(618-628-0923)

Jack's Inn: Route 140(618-254-2556)

Oltimer Inn: 341 Centerville Avenue(618-277-8980)

Pacific Coast Coffee Company: 69th & West Main Street(618-397-2233)

Pops: Route#3 Sauget(618-274-6720)Pop's

Porter's Cigar Bar: 1000 Eastport Plaza Drive(618-345-2400)

Rusty's: 1201 North Main Street(618-656-1113)

Schatzes: Route 161 & East Main Street(618-235-2337)

Schatzes(East Alton): 605 Berkshire Boulevard(618-259-2337)

Sharkey's: 2537 Vandalia Avenue(618-344-0826)

Shenanigan's: 6401 West Main Street(618-398-6979)

Stagger Inn: 104 East Vandalia Street(618-656-4221)

Super Smokers: 1711 West U.S 50(618-624-6742)

Tequila Blues: 5924 North Illinois Drive(618-628-1648)

Three-1-three: 313 East Main Street(618-239-6885)

Tony's Ranch House: 3340 Godfrey Road(618-?)

Wild Country: 17 Gateway Drive(618-346-6775)

Faces: 12 Friendly Drive(618-271-7410)Faces

Bridges: 3145 W. Chain of Rocks, Granite City(618-797-0700)

Gabby's: 1800 State, Granite City(618-452-2009)

Hideway Lounge: 1100 S. 8th, East St. Louis(618-875-2417)

Icon: 1200 Centreville, Belleville(618-277-0877)

Laurie's: 228C N. Main, Edwardsville(618-656-9765)

Loading Dock: 4000 Front, Grafton(618-786-3494)

Michael's Restaurant & Inn: 425 Broadway, Highland(618-654-8646)

Vanzo's: 132 N. Main, Edwardsville(618-656-9706)

Alton Belle Casino:1 Piasa Street(618-474-7500) Alton Belle

St. Charles

Bar Double M: 4149 South Missouri 94(441-4300)

Bubba's Bar & Grill: (?)

C. Blake's Bar & Grill: 474 Mid Rivers Mall Drive(397-8046)

Charlie's Lounge: 2198 First Capitol Drive(947-8121)

Dog Prairie Saloon: 2348 St. Paul Road(281-1800)

Gregory's Steaks/St. Charles/212 North Main Street(916-4440)

Hula Grill: 1407 Lake St. Louis Boulevard(625-1026)

Key West: 305 North Main Street(949-0466)

Mt. Pleasant Winery: 5634 High Street(946-4419)

O'Shannigan's: 2560 Raymond Drive(946-2212)

Rumple's Pub: 221 North Main Street(949-7678)

Boccacio's: 820 South Main(947-7737)

Bonaparte's: 140 North Main(940-9463)

Corner Bar: 571 First Capitol(724-9608)

Grappa Grill: 1644 Country Club Plaza(940-9400)

Kokomo's: 3925 Mid Rivers Mall Drive(477-0200)

Memphis Best: 2795 South I-70 Service Road(947-8345)

Partner's Lounge: Seven Hawks Nest Plaza(947-4747)

Riverside Restaurant & Bar: 204 North Main(949-2656)

Rumbles Pub: 221 North Main(949-7678)

Sally T's: 6th Main-St. Peters(397-5383)

St. Charles Vintage Wine Garden: 1219 Main(946-7155)

Terry & Cathy's: 3006 South Highway 94(987-2441)

Time Out: 1411 South Highway 94(949-8299)

Turner's: 1305 South Main(724-9212)

Riverfront Station Casino: St. Charles, MO((314) 949-7777)Casino St Charles

This list may be added to-if you see any omitted(Clubs with LIVE music) Please contact me & I'll put them on! ROCK ON!!!

Desoto Joe/The Record Man!

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