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Down In L.A.-1968-A&M SP-4154

Vocals & Guitars: Mike Brewer-Tom Shipley
Strings & Horns: Nick DeCaro
Drums: Jim Gordon-Hal Blaine
Percussion: Milt Holland-Mike Brewer-Tom Shipley
Bass: Lyle Ritz-Jim Messina-Joe Osborn
Electric Piano: Russell Bridges
Organ: Russell Bridges-Mike Melvoin
Electric Guitar & Harp: Lance Wakely
Produced By: Allen Stanton & Jerry Riopelle


1.-Truly Right
2.-She Thinks She's A Woman
3.-Time And Changes
4.-Small Town Girl
5.-I Can't See Her
6.-Green Bamboo
7.-An Incredible State Of Affairs
8.-Keeper Of The Keys
9.-Love Love
10.-Dreamin' In The Shade(Down In L.A.)
11.-Mass For M'Lady.

Weeds-1969-Kama Sutra KSBS-2016

Vocals,Acoustic Guitar,Shakers & Vibra-slap: Michael Brewer
Vocals,Acoustic Guitar, & Twelve-string: Tom Shipley
Electric Guitar: Michael Bloomfield
Piano & Organ: Mark Naftalin
Organ & Piano: Ira Kamin
Bass: John Kahn
Bass: Robert Huberman
Drums: Bob Jones
Electric Guitar: Fred Olsen
Pedal Steel Guitar: Orville "Red" Rhodes
Fiddle: Richard Greene
Harmonica: Apple Jack
Congas: Rienol Andino
Tabla: Phil Ford
Piano: Nicky Hopkins
Produced by: Nicky Gravy
Recorded at: Golden State Recorders, San francisco & Crystal Studios, Los Angeles.


1.-Lady Like You
2.-Rise Up (Easy Rider)
4.-Indian Summer
5.-All Along The Watchtower
6.-People Love Each Other
7.-Pigs Head
8.-Oh Sweet Lady
9.-Too Soon Tomorrow

Tarkio-1970-Kama Sutra KSBS-2024

Guitars & Vocals: Mike Brewer-Tom Shipley
Piano & Organ: Mark Naftalin
Bass & Wah-Wah: John Kahn
Electric Guitar: Fred Burton
Drums: Bill Vitt
Drums: Bob Jones
Flute: Noel Jewkes
Pedal Steel Guitar: Jerry Garcia
Chorus: Diane Tribuno-Nick Gravenites-Danny Cox
Produced By: Nick Gravenites
Recorded At: Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco


1.-One Toke Over The Line
2.-Song From Platte River
3.-The Light
4.-Ruby On The Morning
5.-Oh Mommy
6.-Don't Want To Die In Georgia
7.-Can't Go Home
8.-Tarkio Road
9.-Seems Like A Long Time
10.-Fifty States Of Freedom.

Shake Off The Demon-1971-Kama Sutra KSBS-2039

Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Piano, Mouth Harp, Percussion & Vocals: Mike Brewer
Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Bass, Banjo & Vocals: Tom Shipley
Bass: John Kahn
Piano, Organ & Vibes: Mark Naftalin
Electric & Slide Guitars on "Shake Off The Demon": John Cippollina
Drums: Spencer Dryden
Drums: "Little John" Harteman III
Drums: Glen Walters
Congas, Bongos & Timbales: Jose "Chepita" Areas
Produced By: Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley
Recorded At: Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco


1.-Shake Off The Demon
2.-Merciful Love
3.-Message From The Mission(Hold On)
4.-One By One
5.-When Everybody Comes Home
6.-Working On The Well
7.-Rock Me On The Water
8.-Natural Child
9.-Back To The Farm
10.-Sweet Love

Rural Space-1972-Kama Sutra KSBS-2058

Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Vocals, Foot Tambourine, 12 String Guitar, Electric Guitar & Bells: Mike Brewer
Bass, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Guitar & Electric Guitar: Tom Shipley
Drums & Percussion: Billy Mundi
Drums: Prarie Prince
Electric Guitars: Fred Burton
Bass: John Kahn
Drums: Bill Vitt
Piano & Accordion: Mark Naftalin
Soprano Saxophone: Phil Howe
Pedal Steel Guitar: Buddy Cage

The Turk Murphy Band
Trombone: Turk Murphy
Clarinet: Phil Howe
Coronet: Leon Oakley
Tuba: James Maihack
(Horn Arrangements By: John Kahn)
Produced By: Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley
Recorded At: Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco


1.-Yankee Lady
2.-Sleeping On The Way
3.-When The Truth Finally Comes
4.-Where Do We Go From Here
5.-Blue Highway
6.-Fly Fly Fly
7.-Crested Butte
8.-Got To Get Off The Island
9.-Black Sky
10.-Have A Good Life.

ST-11261-1974-Capitol ST-11261

Produced By: John Boylan
Vocals, Guitars, Tamborine, Shakers, Percussion, ARP Synthesizer: Michael Brewer
Vocals, Guitars: Tom Shipley
Drums: Gary Mallaber
Bass: Doug Haywood
Guitars: Jesse Ed Davis
Piano: Michael Omartian
Piano, ARP Synthesizer : John Boylan
Pedal Steel Guitar: Buddy Emmons
Tenor Sax, First Flute: Bud Shank
Baritone Sax, Second Flute: Bill Perkins
Guitar, Congas: Larry Knight
Drums: Russ Kunkel
Pedal Steel Guitar: Sneaky Pete
Organ: Al Kooper
Harmonica: Steve Cash


2.-It Did Me In
3.-Look Up,Look Out
4.-Shine So Strong
5.-How Are You?
6.-Eco-Catastrophe Blues
7.-Keeper of the Keys
8.-Bound To Fall
9.-Oh So Long
10.-Ballad of a Country Dog.

Welcome To Riddle Bridge-1975-Capitol ST-11402

Produced By: Norbert Putnam
Recorded at: Quadraphonic Sound Studios, Nashville, Tenn.
Vocals, Guitars, Percussion: Michael Brewer
Vocals, Guitars: Tom Shipley
Keyboards: David Briggs
Guitar: Reggie Young
Slide Guitar: Chris Leuzinger
Steel Guitar: Paul franklin
Dobro: Weldon Myrick
Drums, Percussion: Kenneth Buttrey
Harmonica: Charlie McCoy
Percussion: Farrell Morris
Chimes: Norbert Putnam
Moog Synthesizer: Shane Keister
Horns: Charles Rose-Ronnie Eads-Harvey Thompson-Harrison Calloway
Background Vocals: Mary Holladay-Ginger Holladay-Lea Jane Berinati


1.-Commercial Success
2.-Indian Summer
3.-On the Road in Kansas City
4.-Brighter Days
5.-So Satisfied
6.-Brain Damage
7.-Crying in the Valley
8.-Rock & Roll Hostage
9.-Don't It Feel Like Heaven
10.-Hearts Overflowing.

The Best Of Brewer & Shipley-1976-Kama Sutra KSBS-2613-2

Creative Packaging Director: Milton Sincoff
Liner Notes: P.K. Vollmuth


1.-One Toke Over The Line
2.-The Light
3.-Oh Mommy
4.-Tarkio Road
5.-Seems Like A Long Time
6.-All Along The Watchtower
8.-Lady Like You
9.-Rise Up(Easy Rider)
10.-Too Soon Tomorrow
11.-Shake Off The Demon
12.-Rock Me On The Water
13.-Merciful Love
14.-When Everybody Comes Home
15.-Working On The Well
16.-Yankee Lady
17.-Fly Fly Fly
18.-Black Sky
19.-Ruby On The Morning
20.-Don't Wanna Die In Georgia.

On The Road Again-1982-Accord SN-7222


1.-People Love Each Other
3.-Oh Mommy
4.-Can't Go Home
7.-Yankee Lady
8.-Sweet Love
9.-Don't Want To Die In Georgia

Beauty Lies-1983-(Mike Brewer)-Full Moon/Warner Bros 23815-1

Produced by: Dan Fogelberg
Recorded at: Caribou Ranch, Nederland, Colorado. The Bennett House, franklin Tennessee. Sunset Sound, Hollywood, California
Michael Brewer-vocals, tamborine, guitars
Dan Fogelberg-guitars,tamborine,vocals,banjo
Mike Hanna-piano,synthesizer,organ
Merel Bregante-drums
Joe Vitale-drums,tamborine
Norbert Putnam-bass
Barry Burton-guitars,
Russ Kunkel-percussion
Terry McMillan-mouth harp
Mike Brignardello-bass
Linda Ronstadt-vocals
J.D. Souther-vocal
Al Perkins-guitar
Kenny Passarelli-bass
Joe Lala-percussion
David Duke-French horn
Tom Scott-saxophone
Jerry Hey-trumpet
Gary Grant-trumpet
Bill Reichenbach-trombone
Larry Williams-tenor saxophone
Kim Hutchcroft-baritone saxophone
Wami And The Bow Bow's-background vocals


1.-Without Love
2.-Any Day Now
3.-Love's Endless War
4.-Beauty Lies
5.-Empty Handed Broken Hearted
6.-Love In Time
7.-Sunset Woman
8.-Tied To The Wings Of An Angel
9.-Hearts Overflowing.

Brewer & Shipley Greatest Hits-1989-Buddah PDK-2-1231


1.-One Toke Over The Line
2.-Song From Platte River
3.-Shake Off The Demon
4.-Ruby On The Morning
5.-Oh Mommy
6.-Don't Want To Die In Georgia
7.-Tarkio Road
9.-One By One
10.-Rock Me On The Water
11.-All Along The Watchtower
12.-Lady Like You
13.-Fifty States Of Freedom
14.-Rise Up(Easy Rider)
16.-Indian Summer
17.-People Love Each Other
18.-Merciful Love
19.-Oh,Sweet Lady
20.-Too Soon Tomorrow.

The Best Of Brewer & Shipley-1989-Buddah SMC 4920


1.-One Toke Over The Line
2.-Song From Platte River
3.-Shake Off The Demon
4.-Ruby On The Morning
5.-Oh Mommy
6.-Don't Want To Die In Georgia
7.-Tarkio Road

Shanghai-1993-Calf Creek CCR-9502

Acoustic Guitars, Vocals & Percussion: Michael Brewer
Acoustic Guitars & Vocals: Tom Shipley
Electric Guitars: D. Clinton Thompson
Drums: Bobby Lloyd Hicks
Bass: Don Shipps
Mandolin: Randy Chowning
Piano & Synthesizer Accordian: Joe Terry
Piano, B3 Organ, Synthesizer Clavinet & Steel Drums: David Rasico
Produced By: Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley
Recorded At: Column One Studio, Springfield, Missouri


1.-Heart Of Steel
2.-Make My Bed
3.-Take More Money
4.-Blue Island Moon
5.-Night People
6.-Dance With A Lady
7.-Streets Of America
8.-Angel & Juanita
9.-I Will Testify
10.-A Million Broken Hearts
11.-Real Good Thing
12.-Hang High.

Heartland-1997-Calf Creek CCR-9502

Acoustic Guitars, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Synthesizers & Vocals: Michael Brewer
Acoustic Guitars, Piano, Banjo, Bass, Indian Drums, Synthesizers, & Vocals: Tom Shipley
Dulcimer: Les Gallier
Cajun Squeezebox: Cedric Benoit
Harmonica: Steve Cash
Pedal Steel: Roger Workman
Fiddle & Mandolin: David Watson
Mandolin: Nick Sibley
Electric Guitar: D. Clinton Thompson
Mouthbow: John Dillon
Bass: Steve Baker
Bass: Gary Smith
Banjo: Roger Mathews
Bass: Don Ships
Recorded at: Ozark Sound Studio, Springfield Mo. Digitrax recording Studio, Branson Mo.
Produced By: Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley


1.-Cimmaron River
2.-Scarlett's Mountain
3.-Ralph's Ride
4.-Treehouse Brown
5.-I Think I Saw an Angel
6.-Dark Side of the Moon
7.-Is Anybody Home
8.-Out of Love
9.-When Tomorrow Comes
10.-Don't It Feel Like Home
11.-Watching the Stars Go By

Archive Alive-1997-Archive 80006

Acoustic Guitars & Vocals: Michael Brewer & Tom Shipley
Bass: Vaclav Berosini
Bass: John Kahn
Electric Guitar: Larry Knight
Drums: Billy Mundi
Piano: Mark Naftalin
Drums: Rick Shlosser
Harmonica: Chet Nichols
Produced By: Stephen Barncard
Recorded: From a series of radio concerts during the duo's early 1973 tour. Centered mainly around a concert at the Cowtown Ballroom in Kansas City, Missouri


1.- Intro
2.- One Kind Favor
3.- The Mighty Quinn
4.- One Toke Over The Line
5.- Oh Mommy
6.- Crested Butte
7.- Tarkio Road
8.- Yankee Lady
9.- Shake Off The Demon
10.- Don't Want To Die In Georgia
11.- All Along The Watchtower
12.- Wichi Tai To
13.- Fifty States Of Freedom

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